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New Year Poems

New Year Poems

New Year Poems

New Year Poems

My Happy New Year wish 4 u
Is 4 ur best year yet,

A year where life is peaceful
& wat u want, u get
A year in which u cherish
The past year’s memories

& live ur life each new day
Full of bright expectancies.

I wish 4 u a holiday
Wid happiness galore;

& wen it’s done, I wish u
Happy New Year, & many more


Happy New Year 2 u!
May every great new day

Bring u sweet surprises
A happiness buffet.

Happy New Year 2 u,
& wen the new year’s done

May the next year be even better
Full of pleasure, joy & fun.


A brand new year 2011 is here
Open ur heart & be of good cheer

A year full of promise & good things 2 come.
In ur list of resolutions, let good deeds be one

Help one another & give of ur love,
4 dat will be pleasing 2 the Father above


A time 2 4get the misfortune that’s gone
But celebrate the long year dat we await

Pray that there will be no tragedy, misery or sorrow
Jst that the year 2 come is full of joy & fate

A chance 2 remember the memories we had
A chance 2 start over, have another shot wid no fear

A chance that won’t come until the earth has orbited
A chance that seems 2 pop up from year 2 year


A new year is beginning 2 peak through
softly beautiful & different like new falling snow

each day unique & shaped jst 4 u
Ur life adding something as each day does grow

My wish 4 ur new year is beauty
& softness with surprises thrown in 4 delight

Luv 4 each day bringing happiness 2 u
making ur life a scene of sparkle & shining sunlight


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