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My love for you will never end

Collection of urdu poetry that is not just limited to funny poetry sms,Friendship poetry,Sad poetry,Birthday poetry,Free love poetry and much much more

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My love for you will never end

My love for you will never end

Birds that live in a lake
Will fly away when the lake dries up..But
lotus that grows in the same lake,
Will die with the lake
Thats the commitment in love,

If You Wanna Win A Girl
Surprise Her, Give Her Long Hugs
Make Her Feel Safe,
Give Her Forehead Kisses
& Good morning Messages,


I Wish The Man
Who Is The Reason Behind My Existence,
My Ability To Appreciate Life And My Success
I Am All Set To Start
A New Year Under Your Guidance, Dad
A Very Happy New Year,

What is love?
Is The
In Which,
The Happiness
Of Another Person
To Your Own,


I don’t know for what but
I love you a lot
I don’t like to share my privacy
with someone but
I want to share all my moments of
memories with you
becoz, I don’t know for what but
I Love You a lot,

My love for you will never end
There are no two thoughts,
nor pretend
Since the time I saw you,
I have fallen in love with you
That time I had no clue
That I won’t be able to live
without you, Baby
today I want you to know,
Though I don’t have many
words to show That I love you.

Ek din mai collage se nikla to
bohot badal chhaye hue the…,
Mene socha barish se pehle
pohuch jauga
magar raste me he barish
ho gayi
aur mai bheg gaya… Bheega
jab mai ghar pohcha toh
Ne kaha : thodi der ruk nhi
(BHAI) ne kaha kahi side pai
khade ho jata…
(PAPA) ne kaha
bohot shok he barish me
ka.. Aur itne me
MAA Aaai aur
sar pe tolliya rakhte hue
ye barish thodi der ruk
thi kya

Hamaray Dil Mein Aa Jao Kuch Dinno K Liye


Ye December Ham Say Akelay Nai Kaata Jaata.


I still love you
I still miss you
I still need you
I still dream of you
I stillcare for you,
I just wish I could tellyou
I want to be yours Not for a day
for a year For a life time I love you

Dont’ try to understand mE
If You do,
You either go Mad
Or You will start Loving mE,

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