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Missing You SMS

Missing You SMS

Missing You SMS

Missing You SMS

miss you so badly

im feeling like a bird without its wings,
A heart without its beat
A sail without its wind,
A book without its words
Im feeling like totally miserable,
Whn i miss u
And thts exactly how i feel nw,
miss u sooooo badly,

its my angel’s smile
last night i started dreaming and i saw an angel with a sweet smiley face,
Aftr dreaming I was thinkin abt the swtone..and i remind u,
Yes,it was my angel’s smile..I miss u so much dear – Bheem Rathore,

The Pain
The pain is not on the day of missing our dear ones.
The pain is really when u live without them,
with their presence in your mind,

Missing you on rakhi
Never ever thought we will not be together this day,
I am really missing you very much
The Rakhi you send is very good,
it’s looking great on my wrist,
I just pray that we will be together on every Rakhi from next year.
May God bless you with lot of happiness, love and success
Take care.
Miss You

P.S:If u haven’t send me rakhi yet,send it immediately,


miss you a lot
Lonesome without u,
Each n every moments
When i am alone
I close my eyes n think of u,
N thoughts of ur love warms
Me inside n makes me smile,
miss you a lot. eid mubarak

Miss me or Hate me
Miss me
Hate me

both r in my favor

If u miss me
I’ll always b in ur heart

If u hate me
I’ll always b in ur mind.

How much I miss you
If u wanna know how much i miss u
Try to catch rain drops
The ones u catch is how much u miss me
And the other u miss is how much i miss..

Time is not important
Good Morning
i mean Good Evening
i mean Good Night hmmm,
i think..time is not important
i Just want 2 Say that i miss you,

I will wait 
Will Wait ..

Till The Day
“I” Can Forget “You” ,


The Day
You Realize
“You” Cannot Forget “Me”

I wont forget you
I was on a ship thinking of you.
when i looked down i dropped a tear in the ocean.
then i promised myself that until someone finds it.,
i wont forget you,

Miss someone you see everyday
You can Miss,
Someone Who Died
Someone Who Moved Away,
The Worst Thing Is,
Having to Miss Someone you See

Life is everything / nothing
‘Life is everything’
when the person u love misses u in your absence..
but ‘life is nothing’ When,
they miss to understand your importance in your presence.

Throwing knives on wife’s picture
Husband throwing knives on wifes picture,
All were missing the target,
Suddenly he received call from her,
“Hi,wat ru doin?,
His honest reply,”MISSING U”

Pain turned into pleasure,

I miss you since you left
I=Its Just Been Days Since You Left

M=Months And Ages It Feels
I=It Isnt Easy You Know
S=Smiles And Laughs That We Shared
S=Solitude Is Not What I Wanted

Y=Your Presence, Irreplaceable
O=Of All The Words I Can Say
U=Understand These The Most, That I Miss You

In the Flower, My Rose is U
In the Flower, My Rose is U,
In the Diamond, My Kohinoor is U,
In the Sky, My Moon is U,
I’m only Body, My Heart is U
That’s Y i always Miss You

i will be there Trust Me
U may miss me
U may ignore me
U may even forget me
But one day if u wanna c me
Don’t search, just see your shadow
i will be there Trust Me

I would write on all the bricks
I would write on all the bricks,
“I miss you”
and hope that 1 falls on your head,
So you know how it hurts
to miss someone special like you,

Can u keep a secret?
Can u keep a secret,
Between me & u

You promise,

I really need to tell u this,



Real addiction is to miss when even busy
Missing someone when u r alone is not affection.

But thinking of someone,
even when u r busy,
is called real addiction,

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