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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 10 December 2014 Episode

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 10 December 2014 Episode

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 10 December 2014 Episode

It is one of the most popular Indian TV Show In the full history of India/Pakistan. Kindly keep in mind to give remark on Drama Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 10 December 2014 Episode In High Definition Videos .We Are providing you all tv dramas.You can watch & share and download all these dramas for free. We hope you people will enjoy by watching this drama Serial If you have any opinion, Please share with us through comment. Now enjoy by watching the story of drama Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 10 December 2014 In High Quality.
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The episode starts with Karan thinking destiny wants Ragini and her children meet, he will unite them. Neil thinks though Ragini has moved on, his children is his priority and has to go to India. He calls his secretary and cancels all his appointments saying he is going to India.

Karan and Dimpy bring Suhani, Ranbir and Agam to their home and ask what they will have. Agam says he needs mom’s number. Karan says Neil is coming tomorrow and he will take them to Nishi’s engagement.

Pam calls Suhani, informs her about getting selected at the unversity she was dreaming about and asks her to come back in 3 days. Suhani says how can she come back without meeting her mom. Pam says she is ordering her and asks her to come back tomorrow at any cost. She gets sad and goes to airport. Ranbir says she is just missing marriage of a sister who does not care about them and should concentrate on her studies.

Neil and Pam reach mumbai airport. Karan and kids receive him. Suhani thanks Neil for coming to attend Nishi’s marriage as she needs him more than her and asks if he bought gifts for Ragini and Nishi. He asks Pam if she bought it. She says no. Suhani says she knew it, so she bought gifts and gives it to them. Pam says she has to check into airport now. Suhani asks Ranbir to meet Nishi smiling and asks Agam to click pics of Ragini and Nishi in her gifted saris. She checks in to airport sadly. Pam thinks she had to send her as she does not want to see the drama that happens. Neil says he has some important work to finish and will meet them later

Ragini’s neibhor lady is on phone and waiting for some guest. Neil comes there and asks about Ragini’s address.She shows him apartment. He goes and rings bell. Ragini opens door sleepy and asks to give her paper and milk. He gives and she turns back without noticing him. He says even now she has not changed, though worlds has changed. She is surprised to see him. He gets into house himself and says she is same arrogant as before and they both reminisce their divorce.He sees Naani and goes to meet her. Ragini says she has Alzheimer’s and does not remember anything. He touches Naani’s feet. She identifies him as Nachiket and says she will not let him go again. Ragini is shocked to see Baa remembers him

Neil keeps feet on table while reading paper. She says she does not like it at her home. He says it is her usual rules and sits upright. She asks why did he come. He says instead of asking for tea, she started her arrogancy again. They both start verbal argument. He says he came to attend her daughter’s marriage as she requested him to come. She says when he has come, he will get a nice treatment like other guests, he can stay, eat and walk out. He says that is what he will and his children will do. She gets emotional hearing children’s name. He says they are his children and she does not have rights and says if she tries to show her rights on his children, he will show his right on Nishi and Aarav. She says when he has come, he should take cards and go. He checks cards and says he knew she would not print father’s name on it. She asks what responsibilities he fulfilled. He says her attitude has not changed. She says he taught it. He asks where is his second husband Aman. She is surprised to hear that. He says he looked under pressure of her

Dimpy gets coffee for Pam. Pam asks how can she be so normal and says she cannot see Neil breaking down again, it took him 16 years to bring him back to normal.She asks where is Nivedita. Dimpy asks why Nivedita. Pam says Neil will feel dejected seeing Ragini with her new husband, so he may want to marry Nivedita, she can take this chance

Precap: Dr. Aman tells Neil that he likes Ragini’s help in his job and whatever he is today is because of Ragini

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