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If i have to choose between Loving You

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If i have to choose between Loving You

If i have to choose between Loving You

If i have to choose between
Loving You
I will choose my last breath to say

DeDiicate to all girLs

The sweetest sentence by
a girl for her boy

*i m jealous of the people who
ever hugged you


For a moment they hold my
Kash Mohabat B Parhai ki Tarha Hoti
Maa Baap Kut Kut Kar Karwatay
Karo karo Bagairto Kario
Yahi Umar ha Zindagi Ban Jay Gi,


Sky full of Stars
But Moon is Special
Tree is full of leaves
But Flower is Special.
My Heart full of friends
But “you are Special
One of the joys in life
is waking up each day
with thoughts that somewhere
Someone cares enough to,
send a warm morning greeting
Good morning and enjoy the day
Love is not winning someone
but loosing yourself to someone.
When you are loved by someone
it’s not due to your excellence of mind
but due to purity of your heart,

I’m afraid to close my eyes
coz I might think of you
I’m afraid to open them
coz I might see you
I’m afraid to move my lips
coz I might speak of you
I’m afraid to listen
coz I might hear my heart fall for you

Daffan Krney se pehley
Mera Dil
Nikal Lena

Kaheen khaak main na mil jaen
merey Dil main rahney waly,

The pain is not on the day
of missing our dear ones
The pain is really when
u live without them,
with their presence in your mind,
Tamanao mei bhi tumhe yaad karenge
teri har baat par etbar karenge
tujhe aane ko to nahi kahenge
par fir bhi tera intezar karenge
Miss you my love,


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