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How to Have Beautiful Lips 5 Step


How to Have Beautiful Lips 5 Steps

How to Have Beautiful Lips” is the name of this tutorial and today we are going to show you five easy steps to make you lips beautiful. Lips are the one of most important part of women beauty and by making them beautiful you will just look striking and stunning. ,In countries of UK, USA, Canada and Australia, red lipstick is the preferred color which women chose. In this tutorial we are also using red lipstick because it is the hardest color for women to apply in my opinion, but you can use other lipstick colors also.

Moisturize: Moisturize your lips before apply any kind of lipstick and it always look fabulous on soft lips.,,

Line: lining your lips not only help your lipstick to keep in place but also not going over your natural lip line. It is quite easy to do that and how to do that? You will need a lip liner of the same color of your lipstick and gently line your lips with it,,

Tint: it is good to shade you lips after lining because it will stick your lipstick for last longer.,

Lipstick: after following above advices and tips, now it is time to apply the lipstick. Never underestimate a good brand. I will suggest you for high quality lipstick which will make look your lips gorgeous.

Seal: now it is the time to seal the deal. This can be easily done with tissue. Put tissue on your lips and add some powder gently with the help of brush. Reason is that, by applying powder it will make lipstick last longer and you don’t need to do again your lipstick every half hour. We hope these tips will help your beauty of lips enhance as well yours. You can also read more tips and tricks about beauty and makeup on the similar website

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