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Get Well Soon SMS


Get Well Soon SMS

  • I heard that you are in the hospital. I hope they release you soon because we need you more than they do,
  • It’s been so nice seeing you every day; with your humor and kindness but it has been so sad not seeing you. Being ill and out of commission is hard on anyone. Everyone here sends their best wishes for your better health and healing. Take all the time you need to get well and know that when you return, there will be many happy faces that you will see.
  • Get well soon! Everyone here misses your smiling face. Nothing has been the same since you became ill. No one tells a joke like you do; so please hurry and get well fast,



  • Get well soon! Your family and friends miss you and look forward to your return. We all send our best prayers to you and want you to know that you are greatly missed! So, take good care and return to us soon.
  • I suffer as you suffer. Let’s face it together and fight it out. Get well soon, my dear,
  •  heard about your sickness yesterday and I want to let you know that I miss you and wish you quick recovery. Know that I am really praying for you.
  • Your absence is disturbing me my friend. I can’t wait see you feeling well, I know many are praying for your quick recovery and longing for the day you will come back home,
  • What To Write In A Get Well Card
  • People here are missing you so much. We specifically miss your kindness and humor. Please recover quickly from your illness. We are praying for you day and night friend.
  • I am sorry to hear that you were taken to hospital last night. Let me convey my best wishes and quick recovery from your illness soonest possible my friend.
  • Get well soon so you can once again experience all the fun and delight that life has to offer!
  • Best wishes. I hope that you’re back in the swing very soon.
  • Sending you well wishes for your quick recovery and good health,



  • Look outside; the sun is shining and it’s telling you to get well soon.
  • The little flowers are rising and blooming; it’s the world’s way of saying, “get well soon.”
  • From dawn to dusk, I pray for your quick recovery and good health.
  • Get Well Soon Messages for a Friend
  • May good health envelop you, spurring a quick recovery,
  • Cheer up! We want to see you fit and well very soon
  • Get well soon so you can resume bringing brightness and delight to our life


  • I will continue praying for your good health and a speedy recovery.
  • Say goodbye to that bout of bad health and get well soon.
  • It’s terrible to see you unwell! Get well soon I know I’ll be delighted and I’m sure you will too!
  • Don’t worry; we’re here to stand alongside you as you work to recapture your good health.
  • Get ready; it’s time for you to get well soon,
  • I wish I was a magician so I could make you fit and healthy with the wave of a wand!
  • I will stand beside you forevermore, wishing you good health and a fast recovery.
  • Feel better fast, so I can see you again soon! I miss you so much,
  • I hope you get well really soon! I miss your smile!
  • Here’s a get well wish. Wishing you healing vibes.
  • I pray God heals you quickly with His miraculously healing hands.
  • Get Well Soon Messages for Mom, Dad, Brother or Sister
  • Get Well Soon Messages for your Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Husband or Wife
  • Get Well Soon Messages for Boss, Colleague or Coworker,
  • Don’t worry, you will be back on your feet in no time. And then you will be wishing you were off your feet again, resting,
  • Think positive thoughts and you may heal more quickly than you thought possible. We miss you and want you better soon!
  • You can get better fast! Just do it! Be Well!
  • I am sorry to hear of this tough time for you. You’re in my prayers.
  • Know this too will pass. May you heal quickly.
  • I hope you feel better really fast. I count the days until I see you again!
  • May you recover completely to full optimal health soon.
  • I heard you were in pain. Well, don’t focus on it. LOL, as I mention it. No really think good thoughts. I love ya! Get well soon!
  • I pray every inch of your body feels better soon! I miss your face,!
  • Remember just take it one day at a time, and in no time you will be ,completely healthy and smiling,
  • I hope this get well wish brings a smile to your face. You are too beautiful to be feeling down,
  • Do what the doctor says and feel better soon! I long to see you again



  • I ache every second you are sick, pretty soon I am going to be in that hospital bed next to you. So get better fast, because I don’t want to join you. I love you!
  • You will more than make it, you will be better than you were before. I can’t wait to see you soon in full health.
  • Focus on the future and concentrate on getting well. Here’s to good things happening in your life.
  • May every cell in your body heal miraculously fast. Know that you are missed greatly.
  • May God bless you with good health and peace through this hard time. Know that I am here for you, if you ever need anything. If you ever need to talk, I am always here to listen.
  • May your tears of sorrow become tears of joy quickly. I am so sorry you aren’t feeling well. I pray you recover to 100% health soon.
  • Think healthy, lovely, wonderful thoughts and may your ails fall away.
  • Even superman has a weakness. Though you are feeling weak now, know that you will be strong again. Until then, may peace be with you.
  • I would wish you well, but I know you don’t need any wishes. Because you Will be well soon. So this is just a little thinking of you note instead.
  • Sending you tons of well wishes for your fast recovery,
  • I pray to God that he may give you the strength to overcome your sickness soon, but can you make it quick for me. I am waiting to see you well, again, every second
  • Get well soon coz I have lots of fun things to do, but without you they cannot give me joy
  • Waiting eagerly for you to recover soon and make my days lively again. Get well quick.
  • Recover well, to be strong and sound. Rest well, to walk on the path to good health

First and foremost, we all strive to maintain our happiness, health and wellness. But illness and injury happens and it’s a time when it’s extremely important to provide support our family and friends! One way to show your support is to send “Get Well Messages” and “Get Well Wishes” either in a card, an email or simply a note. It’s just a matter of finding the right thing to say or write in your get well soon card.  Here, you’ll find an array of unique well wishes. You can go through them and even add your own spin to them if you’re the creative type so you can send lovely Get Well Soon Wishes to your family, friends, colleagues and loved ones. It’s the perfect way to keep them cheerful during a difficult time





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