Latest Collection of Sms,Shayari,Poetry,Ghazal,Poem,Quotes

Latest Collection of Sms,Shayari,Poetry,Ghazal,Poem,Quotes,Messages,Love sms,Pyar sms,Dosti SMS, Friendshif sms,Diwali sms,Mother Sms,Quaid Sms,Pashto sms,Urdu sms

Friendship SMS Messages

Friendship SMS Messages

Friendship SMS Messages

Friendship SMS Messages

In this WORLD, where everything seems UNCERTAIN

In this WORLD
where everything seems UNCERTAIN
only one thing is DEFINITE
You’ll always be my FRIEND
beyond WORDS
beyond TIME &
beyond DISTANCE!

Good relationships are like trees

Good relationships are like trees
They demand attention & care in the beginning
but once they blossoms
they provide U shade in all situations of life

I may have forgotten to say that I care

may have forgotten to say that I care
I may have failed to open up and share
but though no words have been spoken
my promise of friendship won’t be broken

A true friend is someone

A true friend is someone
you can disagree with
and still remain friends

For if not
they weren’t true friends
in the first place

The 10 qualities of perfect friend

The 10 qualities of perfect friend

1 great & brave heart
2 sweet & soft voice
3 sharp & fast brain
4 cute & stupid smile
5 loving & caring
6 confident
7 attractive
8 deep connectivity
9 power of speaking truth
10 power of hearing lie about their self

Live life With Your Beloved Ones

Rain Is Irritating If You Are Getting Wet Alone
Pizza Is Just Some Junk Food If There Are No More Than A Pair Of Hands Picking It Up!:(
Beach Is Th Dirtiest Place When There Is No One To Hold N Walk By The Side!:(
Songs R Just A Time Pass If They Doesn’t Remind You Of Someone
No Matter How Short Life Is

Live It With Your Beloved Ones
Share Every Second
Love N Be Loved !!!
May Ur Real Friends and Loved one Be With U Ever
Take Care!

Helps me up when i’m down

Friend is Someone Who Helps Me
Up When I am Down
If They Can’t
They Lay Down Beside
Me And Listen

Your friend turns into your love

One Of The Best Moments In Life Is Wen,
“U See Ur Yellow Rose Turning Red Rose
Hard 2 Understand????
So Read Again..

“Your friend turns into your love”

Friend can’t be sold

Rose is a Flower that lives for HOUR
But Friend is Power that lived FOREVER
Ice is Cold can’t be HOLD
But friend is Gold can’t be SOLD

Relationship is based on

A relationship is not based on
the Length of time you Spent Together

its based on the Foundation you Built Together

Mood affects yours

You Know
Means A Lot To You
When Their Mood Affects

Difference between love and friendship

Loading …
The difference between love &frndship:
“With out U I can’t live
That is love.

“U must live I am with U
That is frndship.

All our good friends

Parents always teach their kids not to talk to strangers

But the truth is that,
all our good friends were ones strangers for us

Friendship and Love are medicine

Friendship and Love are medicine
for any kind of pain
be sure that there is no medicine
in the world
for pain given by Love and Friendship.

If I could pull down the rainbow

If I could pull down the rainbow
I would write UR name with it &
put it back in the sky
2 let everybody know
how colorful my life is with a friend like U!!

How can U tell the rain not 2 fall when clouds exist

How can U tell the rain not 2 fall
when clouds exist?

How can U tell the leaves not 2 fall
when wind exist?

How can U tell me not 2 fall in friendship
when U exist.

We r just friends yar

Shakspear said, “A Boy & a Girl can never b Friends forever.”
Lincoln said, “Friendship is the starting step 4 wat we call Love.”
Wrdswrth said, “Proposing a Boy or a Girl for Friendship is nothing but indirectly saying, I LIKE U.”
Jackie Chan said, “Love is a everlasting Friendship.”
Michael Jackson said,”If 1 can become ur Best Friend, then He or She can easily bcum ur Life Partner!

this is 4 all those guyz n girlz who say,”We r just friends yar”

Earth may stop rotating

Earth may stop rotating
Birds may stop flying
Candles may stop melting
Fishes may stop swimming
Heart may stop breathing

But I will never stop
Missing you my friend.

U hold most loveliet part in my life

One day i may die without saying good bye to U.
But i will never forget to say thank you,
Because you hold the most loveliest part in my life
Good Night

What u share must be true

It is not necessary to share
everything between your true friends

But it is necessary that
what u share must be true

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