Latest Collection of Sms,Shayari,Poetry,Ghazal,Poem,Quotes

Latest Collection of Sms,Shayari,Poetry,Ghazal,Poem,Quotes,Messages,Love sms,Pyar sms,Dosti SMS, Friendshif sms,Diwali sms,Mother Sms,Quaid Sms,Pashto sms,Urdu sms

Friendship Sms Messages

Friendship SMS Messages

Friendship SMS Messages

Friendship SMS Messages

Moon said to me,
if ur friend is not messaging u
why dont you leave ur friend.
I looked at moon and said does ur
sky ever leave u when u dont shine

A good frndship is hard to find,

hard to lose impossible to forgot by arathi v

A true friend always reminds you how special you are,

by giving you a smile every day : )  Penny,,

When u r alone
When u r alone
remmbr me i’m waitng 4 u
Wen u cant smile
trust me i can mak u laugh

But wen u r in a crowd of friends
remmbr i’m alone

Its not an achievement to make 1000’s friends in a year,

but an achievement is when you make a friend for 1000’s years,,,

Friendship is vast like universe,

deep like ocean, high like sky,
strong like iron,

kind like mother,

cute like HUM and sweet lik

e tum

My FRNDSHIP for u is not like gold or daimond bocz they r very costly My ,,FRNDSHIP is like oxygen which is not visible bt always around”U” FOREVER Bachan singh,

Remembrance is a better compliment than luv.

Frnz never expect tons

of luvBt only a miligram of remembrance

is enough 2 keep ur bst budies 4evr

a special smile, a special face,

a special someone i can’t replace.


best friend
Although its quite a statement,

Well it happens 2 b true.

The best friend i ever had,

Im glad 2 say its u!

In search of a perfect person
Make Sure That In Search Of A Perfect Person
You Don’t Loose A True One
Perfection Is Fantasy,
Truth Is Reality,

Lovers and best friends at same time
Best Relationship is
When You Can Act Like Lovers
And Best Friends At The Same Time

You are my friend forever



MY $weet,

‚¡ ,_,_,_,_,_)
‚¡ ‚¡_,_,_,
‚¡ _,_,_,)R I E N D
‚¡ ‚¡ O R E V E R

A single rose & friend
A single rose can be my garden
a single friend, my world

Our friendship will never end
The rain may be falling hard outside,
But your smile makes it all alright,
I’m so glad that you’re my friend,
I know our friendship will never end,

Good Morning For Friends
For a nice friend
“nice morning”..

For a sweet friend
“sweet morning”

For a loving friend
“lovely morning”,

For a Good friend
“good morning”,

Relationship is like a Garden
Relationship is like a Garden
It’s beautiful when watered with,


But It dries up if left untouched

Stay in touch with your love ones

Behind ur smile I know there r sorrows
Behind ur smile I know there r sorrows,
Behind ur laughter I know there r tears,
And I want u 2 know that behind u,
I am always there 4 u.(Friend Forever,

Old friends r gold, new r diamond
Old friends R gold..!
New friends R

If U got diamond
don’t forget the gold,

Bcz to hold a
diamond in a ring U
need a base of gold,

When things go wrong
When things go wrong,
When sadness fills your heart,
When tears flow from your eyes;
Always remember these three things.

1) i’m with you.
2) still with you.
3) will always be,

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