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Happiness cannot be found

Happiness cannot be found
when you seek it for yourself
but when you give it to others,
it will find it’s way back to you
that’s the mystery of happiness
it grows when shared.

Coins Always Make Sound

“Coins Always Make Sound”
But The Currency Notes Are Always Silent!
“So When Your Value Increases
Keep Yourself Calm & Silent

Life, Dreams, and Time

“Life Has No Pause Button
Dreams Have No Expiry Dates
Time Takes No Holiday

Every moment of ur life is a picture

Every moment of ur life is a picture
which u had never seen before and
which u’ll never see again.

So enjoy n live life
make each moment beautiful

Be true to both your mind and heart


All the right things are not always possible
and all the possible things are not always right.
so, be true to both your mind and heart
then you will never go wrong.

Fail to understand the feelings of close peoples

Some Time We Fail 2 Understand
the Feelings of very Close People in our Life

Because a Book held very Nearer 2 Eyes
is very Difficult 2 read

Happiness is not something ready made

Happiness is not something ready made
It comes from your own actions
So if you want to be happy
Plan your actions accordingly

~Author Unknown

Want to know how rich you are

Whenever u want to know how rich u are
Don’t count Ur resources
Just drop a tear
look around at the number of hands
that reach out to wipe ur tear

Pair of heart to be found

Do u know why nature made
eyes in pair
ears in pair
hands in pair
legs in pair
but heart made single

Its just because to find its pair itself.

What touches your heart most

Think Carefully
What touches ur heart most ?

Being hurt by someone U love a lot
Being loved by someone U have hurted a lot

I love the ones

Keep this Attitude

I love the ones
who r in my life and making it amazing

I also love the ones
who left my life have made it fantastic

When your time is good / Bad

When your time is good
your mistakes r taken as a joke

when when ur time is bad
even ur jokes are noticed as mistakes

In life 2 options to be in

In life you always have
two options to be in

– negative emotions (hatred, anger, sad

– positive emotions (love, peace, happy

Your state of life depends on
which one you select most of the time

Success is a vehicle

Success is a vehicle
Which moves on a wheel Named “smart work
The journey is impossible
Without the fuel named
“self confidence

They Had The Courage To Do The Same

People May Hate You For Being Different
Not Living By Society’s Standards
Deep Down, They Wish
They Had The Courage To Do The Same

Memories give us faith to go on
no matter how much faith we have
we lose people
we never forget them.
it’s those memories that
give us the faith to go on

5 fingers for these reasons

I have 5 finger for these reasons:

-My little finger to make promises for my best friends
-My ring finger for someone special when the time is right
-My middle finger to those who are jealeous & show high attitude to me
-My index finger to silence those who speak ill of me
-My thumb to show the rest of the world that i’ll be fine no matter how hard life is.

Before you

Before you Talk

Before you React

Before you Criticize

Before you Pray

Before you Quit

Mistakes in childhood

We Used Pencil When We Were Small
But Now We Use Pens Or Ball Pen…
Do U Know Why?
Because Mistakes In Childhood Can Be Erased

But Not Now

Strange But True

Just One Bad Thing Can Make

Just One Bad Thing Can Make
A Big Hole In Some One’s Heart
You Need More Than A Thousand Good Things
To Fill That Hole Again
So B Careful

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