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Latest Collection of Sms,Shayari,Poetry,Ghazal,Poem,Quotes,Messages,Love sms,Pyar sms,Dosti SMS, Friendshif sms,Diwali sms,Mother Sms,Quaid Sms,Pashto sms,Urdu sms

A Collection of Wedding Wishes SMS Messages

A Collection of Wedding Wishes SMS Messages

A Collection of Wedding Wishes SMS Messages

I am back with some great Marriage wishes SMS for you. There are a lot for you to choose. These messages are arranged in three categories. The 1st category contains general sincere type of wishes. These are suitable for everybody. There are some funny wedding wishes, smsjee too. I have another list of SMSs send by others. You can also send one from your own collection.

Enjoy my collection and feel free to turn on your phone to type these messages and then press the send button to fire the text to your buddies. Let the wedding of your friend or relative be a happy one,

10 Great SMS to Congratulate the Newly Married Couple on Wedding

  • Space and Time can separate my physical being from being present in your wedding ceremony, but my best wishes are always with you. Have a happy married life,
  • I wish all the best for the most flamboyant couple of the city. Happy wedding!
  • I pray to God that you would always find the warmth of love, sweet happiness and laughter in each other. Have a great day,
  • I hope that the company of each other will give you unlimited amounts of joy and happiness. smsfunder You are a lovely couple.
  • Marriage is not everything about loving each other, but it should be based on good friendship,
A Collection of Wedding Wishes SMS Messages

A Collection of Wedding Wishes SMS Messages


  • I know the strength of your love. I am so happy to see you get married,Best of luck!
  • Marriage is based on respect and love. Love each other and be respectful to each other. I wish a happy wedding for you,
  • Marriage is also about sacrifices. You should have to sacrifice many things for the sake of your mutual good.
  • Dear friend, this SMS is not enough to show my admiration for you and your wife. I wish a happy wedding for you!
  • Getting married also means taking many responsibilities. I know you are such a reliable guy that your spouse will not have any difficulty living with you.
  • Marriage is not only the union of two Fun92 Chat individual persons, but also it signifies the union of souls.
  • Words can’t express the depth of happiness since hearing the news of your wedding. I am sending my sincerest wishes for you,


A Collection of Wedding Wishes SMS Messages

A Collection of Wedding Wishes SMS Messages

Funny Wedding Wishes SMS

  • An old bachelor like you is nothing better than ChatDoors secondhand furniture,
  • Congratulation! You have found the best cure for the incurable disease ,of love, which is marriage,
  • Question: When does a man open the car’s door for his wife? Answer, When the car or the wife is new!
  • Love is incomplete without marriage. After marriage it ends,
  • A lover has wings, but a husband has shackles!
  • One of the most sought after secret of the world is the secret of happy marriage that is still a secret,
  • A wedding is nothing but a funeral where you bought the flowers for yourself.
  • Marriage is invented by the ancients to keep us away from fighting with the total strangers.
  • Marriage is more deadly and much more expensive than cigarettes,
A Collection of Wedding Wishes SMS Messages

A Collection of Wedding Wishes SMS Messages


Marriage Wishes SMS Send by Others

Here is a collection of some great messages send by others. send92 You can also send your message to us with a brief introduction of yourself via comment box.

P. Yadav (original name has not been given on his request, he is a bit shy) is from Patna, the capital city of Bihar, a state of India. Mr. Yadav has wished his friend L.Kumar by a good wedding SMS. Yadav is kind enough to let me publish the SMS here.

“It is the Almighty God who makes and breaks marriages. I hope that you will lead a happy married life full of charm and beauty.”

Rajiv loves to play cricket. He is a great fan of Sachin Tendulkar, the famous Indian cricket player. Rajiv has sent us this sweet SMS from his collection.

“The secret of a happy conjugal life is making each other feel important. I hope you know it better than any other person,

Jack Mbonga is from a small town of Kenya, the beautiful African country where English is well spoken and understood. Let us see what African flavor has been added by our friend:

“Marriage lessens our grief and cares by diving them and increases our pleasures by multiplying them,

Birbahadur Thapa lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. Thapa loves to make new friends. He has a great number of friends with whom he has regular communications via phone and Facebook. His selected wish is like the one written below:

“I congratulate you for the beginning of a new life. I pray to God to give you a great married life,

Note for the Readers

Did you find what you were seeking? funpakmaza Are you satisfied with my list of SMSs?

It is close to impossible to impress everybody. Every race or nation has some peculiar choices. My collection is appropriate for most of the users all over the world. If you are disappointed with this collections, don’t worry, for this hub will be updated regularly. I also hope to enrich my collection with more such text benefits for your benefits,

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