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Adult SMS

Adult SMS

Adult SMS

Dad: koi girlfriend ha teri?

ME: nahi qn?

Dad: ya girlfriend bna ly ya bathroom saaf kia kr.


English phrase: are u feeling down?

Urdu translation: kya tum neechy mehsoos kr rhy ho?


He: everything is fair in war n love

She: pr janu tumhara to kala ha.


I am talking about ur face.


Cleavage is like sun
You can look, but u cant stare
Unless you are wearing sunglasses.


William: Why sperm donation

is more expansive than blood donation?

John: Hand made things are always costly.


A women has 5 rooms

Face is a showroom
Breast is play room
Stomach is store room
Vagina is guest room
Ass is emergency room.


Girl: hey Dad, whats better? pass or fail?
Dad: To pass.
Girl: OH okay,


Molvi: Jo log ghalat kaam krty hn wo kahan jaty hn

Lrka: Shehr k log hotel, or Gaon k log Khayt me.


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